Makers Run [1.10/1.11]

Run! Run! Don't stop or you'll die!
Map for Minecraft 1.10
Map for Minecraft 1.11
The objective of Makers Run is to run... That's all! But blocks are melting under your feet! Be the last one alive to win!

To extend the game, there are five game modes:
  • Classic Mode: You just have to run. Your enemies (or you) will die by falling in holes.
  • Item Mode: Here, you will be able to find items like cobwebs, swords or something else!
  • Bunny Mode: Of course, on aime le bunny. You will find purple particles. If you touch it, you will fly temporarily!
  • Zombie Mode: Do you love action? The Zombie Mode if for you. A zombie will spawn every second and you will have to avoid it. If it hits you, you will be pushed far far away!
  • Insane Mode: For the best players, you can put the Insane Mode. Creepers will spawn and explode the arena and lots of items will appear.

You can also choose particles and hats!