Makers Punch II [1.13]

Makers Punch is a map which came from the famous game Pitch Out! Jump everywhere, shoot arrows and be the last one alive!
Map for Minecraft 1.13
Map for Minecraft 1.12
In Makers Punch, you have to use your Knockback weapons to punch your opponents out of the arena!

There are two weapons:
  • Magic Stick: Have a hand-to-hand combat with this stick!
  • Magic Bow: Be careful of these arrows, they're powerful!

You can also activate two game modes to make your games more epic!
  • Bunny Mode: You run faster and jump higher!
  • Item Mode: There are lots of items like Rockets, epic weapons or even a SMASHER!

The last player alive wins!
There are 3 arenas with different forms and particularities!