Makers Party [1.11/1.12]

Realms Version for Minecraft 1.12:
Realms Version for Minecraft 1.11:
Classic Version for Minecraft 1.11:
Makers Party is a map "board game" with more than 15 minigames, a board 150x150 and a lot of different tiles! Under the sun, walk across the island in search of coins, stars or treasures!
The objective of Makers Party is to be the first to get 30 stars. These stars can be obtained by winning minigames.

At the beginning, you have to choose your character. Select one of the celebrities of Mojang like Notch or Jeb and start the game!

As any board game, the players play each their turn. When it's your turn, throw the dice then jump to move forward. There are different tiles:

  • Yellow tiles : These tiles give you 5 coins.
  • Red tiles : Be careful to these tiles, it will remove you 3 coins.
  • Blue tiles : These tiles start a minigame. If you win it, you will obtain between 1 and 3 stars according to your ranking.
  • Green tiles : These tiles activate special events!

The coins can be used to buy special items at the shop!