Makers Hack [1.9]

Many players appreciate maps bringing into conflict several teams, however, some people prefer to be brought into conflict by other ways than the fight, with mini-games for example. It is exactly the purpose of MakersHack.
Map for Minecraft 1.9
Resource Pack
In Makers Hack, you have to hack and destroy the opposite computer. Both teams have a computer, possessing a limited energy, which is restaured gradually. However when the computer of your team arrives at zero, you lost. To decrease the energy of the opponents, it is necessary to send viruses.

To win coins and be able to purchase viruses, you have to play games or to improve your bot:

  • Memory: You have a few seconds only to memorize a maximum of images. Then, you have to put them back in place.
  • Tetris: Shapes fall and you have to put a maximum in the planned space. But contrary to the "truth" Tetris, lines do not disappear.
  • MineSweeper: Like the real game, you just have to find all the mines.
  • Street Fighter: For fighters, you have to kill a minecraft boss.
  • Cube Dance: You have to imitate the person in front of you. If the arrow above him goes towards the left, you have to look towards the left.
  • MineMakers Bot: If you're tired of playing games, there is a bot you can upgrade to earn coins for you.

It is finally time to take the offensive. To do it, you have to find malwares by rolling. There are 6 differents malwares which you can upgrade by analyzing the pieces of files situated in your Bin. You will also have to choose a support for your malware, it's the appearance which it will have.

  • Virus: It infiltrates into the system and becomes more and more strong. It lowers the power of the computer.
  • Trojan: The only malware which has no life expectancy, and deals a lot of damages to the computer only once.
  • Flooder: The Flooder sends dozens of messages, filling the mailbox and lowering a little the power of the computer.
  • Dialer: The Dialer steals coins. When the affected team does not have anymore money, it is unable to defend itself.
  • Keylogger: The Keylogger copies upgrades of the enemy and gives them to you.
  • Rootkit: The most powerful malware, the Rootkit controls the opposite antivirus and forces this one to fire at everything except malwares!

The calm before the storm, you'll have to learn to defend yourself. You have two possibilities: prevent or cure.
  • Shooter: The shooter is the barrier against viruses, it keeps viruses out of your system. There are two seats, the first one is occupied by a bot, and the second can be taken by a player. It's possible to improve it by rolling or by analyzing the bin. However, the bot cannot reveal all threats and a human presence will be necessary.
  • Sanner: If a malware crosses your defenses and goes into the brain of your computer, you can eliminate it directly by entering the Scanning Room. Malwares are symbolized by Silverfishes to kill. The more the level of your Scanner is raised, the more your sword is powerful. However, staying in the room is expansive. Every second costs 1 coins and takes energy from the computer so avoid staying there for too long!