Christmas Brawl [1.11]

Christmas Brawl is a PvP map where you play as a Christmas character like the Snowman, the Reindeer, the Penguin or even Santa! Catch a poisonous sock, lay down a bear trap or take a chainsaw to eliminate your opponents!
Map for Minecraft 1.11
Resource Pack
For Christmas, we propose you a new game, Christmas Brawl! To win, you have to kill all your friends and be the last survivor! You can choose between different characters.

There are also lots of powerups like the Balloon, the Musical Box or the Tinsel! You can find the MineMakers Ball which activates your Ultimate to kill lots of people.

  • Santa: Santa can dazzle his enemies with his presents or knock them out with his big hammer. With his Ultimate, Santa will take advantage of a magnificent view since his sled and secondarily, will activate a shower of presents on his opponents.
  • Penguin: He throws stinking fishes and regenerates thanks to his clownfish. When he gets the MineMakers Ball, an army is summoned.
  • Reindeer: With his antler he is equipped to triumph against inexperienced opponents. However, when he catches the Ultimate Ball, even the strongest cannot resist his devastating smash.
  • Snowman: He uses his snowballs to cause damage. Furthermore, he is equipped with explosive pumpkins to make a lot of damages! At the top of its strength, the Snowman will freeze time to eliminate easily his enemies.
  • Elf: With his spanner and his nail pistol, the Elf will always act when you will expect it least. Nevertheless, with his Ultimate, he have no more reason for hiding. Goodbye the tools of the small handyman, meet the new chainsaw.
  • Boogeyman: With his two swords this fighter becomes formidable. With the MineMakers Ball, the Boogeyman will have the possibility of cursing a player to reduce him to ashes.
  • Teddy Bear: With his axe and his magic pillow, he becomes the symbol of the peace... but also of the war! Indeed, with the Ultimate Ball, the Teddy Bear will succumb to the dark side of the forest.

There are also 5 different arenas: Icy Island, Magic Jungle, Snow Village, Cloud City and Nightmare.

The map is designed for 2 to 12 players.